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Mark-sorta-ness - What We Dream...
...When We're Awake.

- Mark -

It was a normal date. I picked Trina up at her place in my rusted truck. She didn't seem to mind the interior and happily chatted with me as I drove. We talked about Calculus and how Mr. Carpenter practically turned nazi with the incessant quizzes after winter break. Then it tapered down to musical interests since the radio was playing some really bad stuff. There was nothing about harassing ice cream employees, or suckering people out of their money in pool or advances unto her person, but my smiles were the same and my advances more discreet. We went bowling at the New Orleans casino. .. I actually had fun, and I think she did too. We ate at the TGIFriday's situated in the building and had our own meals but shared a plate of fries. It was normal, she was different and seemed interested in me and not overly cautious like a pet store guinea pig.

I guess this is how dates are supposed to go. I didn't even feel pressure to try and impress her, like I had usually done with Heather, which seemed to make her want me more. We made out in the parking lot afterwards. Typical teenage stuff, I think.

...Why Trina? Why not? She sits next to me in Calc, and doesn't look affronted or wish she were somewhere else when I try to talk to her. She isn't stupid or insipid like the other girls who go to our school. But you know, there's still not that spark.

I'm going to keep trying anyway. It's like a target range; you don't always hit the bullseye.

I mean, who said I should only pursue girls who don't want anything to do with me? Matt's right in the fact that, hey, we're guys. We're in highschool, and we're meant to chase girls. Plural. More than one. I wasted half my senior year on a past crush. Someone so easily manipulated by word of mouth, someone who can't take a moment to trust me. I realized, if I've changed, then what's to say she hadn't in the past few years as well?

I don't like thinking about crap like that. Nerdy Mark was buried when I left for California, when I had the chance to start anew.

After I dropped Trina off at her house, we stood on her front porch a while longer and kissed some more. When I got home, I was hardly tired. Matt's door was open halfway, and I could barely hear the soft sounds coming from the TV. There was no way he was asleep, it was hardly midnight. Open door means he's not home, halfway means he is, and closed means 'keep out or you'll regret it'. Suddenly, girlish laughter escaped as I approached the room. I knocked as a precautionary but still pushed it wider.

Two pairs of eyes, brown and blue, faced me. Matt seemed to be holding Aarika in a submissive stance, her hands clutching at his to push him off.

"Oops," I said, "should I leave you two kids alone?" I added, gesturing to leave.

"No, Mark. It's okay," the brunette remarked, seizing the moment to shove Matt off and claim independence.

"Yeah, I mean, I was just about to tie her down, but she's fiesty," Matt said with a mock glare towards his girl.

She grabbed a pillow and tried to smother him with it.

I felt like an outsider, intruding on them like this.

"So how was your date?" Matt asked not so slyly, cutting straight to the point.

I leaned against the doorway and crossed my arms to look nonchalant.

"It was great," I replied, "I had fun."

"Not nearly as much fun, since you're standing here in MY bedroom when you could be in yours, having...fun," Matt said with a snicker.

I rolled my eyes. I knew he'd say something like that. Suddenly, Aarika yawned, her hand lifting to cover her delicate mouth.

"Unlike you," she announced directly to Matt, "Mark may still have some decency left in him, aaand, it IS late. I gotta go."

She rose off of his bed and stretched slightly. Wow, she really is petite.

"What's the rush?" my blonde cohort questioned, rising to follow, "It's SATURDAY. The day to party, go out, have fun, do sleep overs."

He caught her by the arm and whirled her around to face him, "How 'bout it, Pom poms?" his smile was a rival to hers.

"Cute, how about never?" she smirked, "Also, I have cheerleading practice in the morning, so.."

"On a Sunday? You're kidding me.." his face reflected his disbelief.

"I am," she said flatly, "this is all a clever ruse to dissuade you, because I love getting up at seven in the morning on a weekend."

Kissing his cheek, she grabbed her purse and waved to both of us, "I'll see you boys Monday."

"Tomorrow night," Matt bargained, leaping for the front door.

The brunette beauty stopped and placed a hand on her hip, "Matt, I have to be home sometime."

"Why?" he shrugged, crossing his arms, "Home sucks."

I could see her eyes narrow from the kitchen-way, "Fine. Tomorrow night."

Matt grinned in triumph, "See, I knew you couldn't resist."

"I miss the days when I could," Aarika said with a great sigh before turning her gaze upon me, "G'night Mark, keep him out of trouble tonight, okay?"

I smiled, "I can't do miracles, but I'll try. Bye, Aarika."

After she left and Matt closed the door, I spoke again, "Looks like you're not getting any fun tonight either."

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From:blondenough (Link)
Date: 3/22/08 - 04:32 pm
Omg I love you more then is physically possible right now XD ::explodes::
From:mindbottling (Link)
Date: 3/22/08 - 09:01 pm
Lies, for I think it IS physically possible, because all you have to do is put fingers to keys. I think you mean mentally impossibly, because you will just think about it instead of putting the mental orgy to text, therefore exploding!
From:blondenough (Link)
Date: 3/22/08 - 09:24 pm

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