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Matt POV:: Gropings Ensue - What We Dream...
...When We're Awake.
Matt POV:: Gropings Ensue
I'm really starting to think that Pom Poms is the one. The one girl I can share my vision of complete dominion over the world using specially trained, elite, mercenary soldiers.
Now I know everyone *says* they are going to take over the world using military forces comprised of hostile female soccer players...but in my case, Mattanialandburg is looking to be a plausible vision of the future.
There is only one way I can tell her, tell her what she means to me, to Mattanialandburg.

She was attempting to study, which is a foreign word that roughly translates to 'Ignore Matt whatever the cost' in English. Nothing short of the sudden flammability of household objects (something I personally discovered after a series of experiments) was able to pull her from a mid-term induced academic frenzy. Not even bothering to change out of her cheerleading outfit before coming over, her tan legs stretched out from the skirt that had ridden up to a most delightful length (or lack thereof).

My hand fitted around hers, the touch apparently enough to interrupt the diligent textbook perusal and bring startled amber eyes up in a questioning look. I knelt in front of her lounging figure, hand still fitted over hers, my thumb resting against her wrist and feeling the pulse pick up just slightly.

"Pom Poms..."

I noticed her expression quickly morph into fear before I brought my eyes to the tan carpet, unable to meet hers, unable to say the words that I so desperately had to say. Instead I brought the hand clutching a silver-wrapped object out from behind my back and proffered the gleaming gift to the woman of my dictatorship dreams.

"Will you...take these cherry-flavored pop-tarts as a token of my undying affection?"

Ever since we started dating, Pom Poms has created a new expression that can only be described as one of 'incredulousity'. It was that expression that she wore now, eyes slowly pathing between myself and the pop-tarts. I know she realized how big of a step sharing my pop-tart stash is for me and was simply overcome with emotion to the point of tears.

Finally she spoke.
"Matt. Cherry-flavored? Ew."

"Well I'm just not ready to give you the strawberry ones okay?" I shouted, rising from the floor, "Just work with me, I'm doing the best I can"
For added dramatic effect, I covered my face with one hand.

Her giggling rang like the Christmas bells still attached to the doors at Rite-Aid. The hand covering my face dropped to reveal a grin and I lunged at her, scattering notes and study guides everywhere when I covered her petite body with my own. Arms wrapping around her, I met her dancing eyes with a serious look.

"Will you really not accept my pop-tarts?"

Puppy dog look was employed to its fullest. Obviously not immune to such high levels of adorableness, she stuck her tongue out at me and grabbed the...now smashed pastries from my hand.

"You're lucky you are cute" she snipped, tongue darting out once again for added effect.

I couldn't stop myself from focusing on her small pink mouth, her slightly parted lips, and the smell that always made my head fuzzy whenever I got close enough to the silky waves of her hair. Peaches...my mouth locked onto hers and strawberry-flavored lip gloss only made me crush my lips even harder onto hers as she sighed into my mouth.

Jumping away, her hands pushed at my chest, breaking contact between our lips.
"Matt. Remove. Your. Hand."
Peering around at the lucky appendage planted on a spot on her thigh now
exposed by the riding up of an accommodating cheerleading skirt, I grinned
"But why? It's right where I want it to be"

OMG it's been SO long since I've written Matt that I naturally suck at it.Extensive revisions will take place soon. Until then, hahaha, at least I finally got something written down XD
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From:mindbottling (Link)
Date: 3/22/08 - 09:06 pm
So I posilutely heart this an have read it fifty-billion times and the only problem with it (besides being SHORT) that I have so far is that I hate peaches .. xD
From:blondenough (Link)
Date: 3/22/08 - 09:27 pm
Damn you woman! Give me a scent that Matt can identify that is not strawberries XD Vanilla?
From:mindbottling (Link)
Date: 3/23/08 - 06:24 am
I like Vanilla. :D

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