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Still not done. Wit all gone. - What We Dream...
...When We're Awake.
Still not done. Wit all gone.

“Dan and I kissed… DAN AND I DID WHAT?!”

The brunette beauty flinched as Hana, her lovely blonde best friend, clutched her head and squawked over the previous night’s events that she deftly did not remember.

“What kind of friend are you?” the blue-eyed woman wailed, turning her flushed face towards Arika, the one person she thought she could trust.

“It just happened, Hana! You guys were squabbling as always. I was talking to Sam-“

“Sam. Of course, you were talking to Sam,” she huffed with exasperation, “the world could end and sandworms could claim me in their giant jaws of death and you wouldn’t notice because you were TOO BUSY chatting with SAM.”

Arika sighed, crossing her arms as she rolled her eyes from her companion’s dramatics. She began to examine her fingernails with a bored curiosity as she responded.

“Well, any one of us could have stopped you. YOU could have stopped you, but you seemed to have not minded-“

“I was clearly not in the correct state of mind to be making judgments for myself!” she said with a lip quiver, “I feel so used. So violated.”

Huddling her arms close to her chest, Hana Michaels seemed to be shivering in some invisible wind.

“You’re fine, Hana,” the slender brunette reassured, “It was just a kiss.”

“It was NOT just a kiss. It was a violation of my personal well-being. And he took advantage of it, that JERK. How did it even happen anyway?”

Hana’s speech switched from that of anger to another desperate wail. How could she have locked lips with the one she so despised? DAN. Dan who was jerk incarnate, who didn’t have a sensitive bone in his body, who’s lips - she distinctly remembers nothing about except – taste like a sweet lemonade.

“I’m calling Hans. You obviously do not understand my suffering.”

“Okay, Hana. There’s Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer if you need it.”

“Thank you,” she sniffled.

Three days prior.

“Hey, fluffhead,” Dan remarked, sliding into the booth next to Hana as he stole a chunk of her blueberry muffin.

The blonde looked seriously affronted, as if the sandy-haired demon had just insulted her mother right before stealing most of her comforting breakfast food.

“Get your own food, you-you muffin plunderer!” the petite girl accused menacingly, clutching the remains of her pastry.

Dan smirked widely, “A - what did you say? Muffin Plunderer?” he leaned uncomfortably close to Hana and whispered in her ear, “I’ll plunder your muffin, for a price.”

Her face immediately turned red and she squealed, “EWWW, GET AWAY FROM ME, PERVERT!”

Shoving the rest of her pastry into his disgusting face, she scooted away from him. He laughed at the humorous reaction he managed to elicit that time.

Dan, these days, found it easier to make the girl uncomfortable rather than continue their daily spats. Oh sure, the spats still happened, but on good days he got her to shut up rather quickly with quips like the ones he had just pulled. Sometimes she just walked right into these things.

“Dan, stop messing with Nana,” Hans, their cheery yet lanky 20-year old friend, responded as he slid into the spacious booth.

“Haaaaaaaaaaans, switch me places,” pink lips pouted.

Scrapping blueberry mush off his face, Dan licked his fingers thoughtfully, “Do you live off blueberries? Didn’t you have a blueberry scone yesterday?” he inquired.

Turning her nose upward as Hans backed out of the booth so that he could switch places, Hana said, “Why are you keeping track of what I eat?” she bit back.

“Obviously, someone needs to. You don’t seem to care about your hips,” he revealed.

Her jaw dropped open as her blue eyes set ablaze. If she could glare lasers, Dan would be nothing but dust – if that.

“How dare you-!”

“Doesn’t it show you how much I care, eating half of your breakfast before you scarf it all down?” he responded quaintly, folding his hands on top of the table, posing concern.

Suddenly, he felt a hard flick against his ear and Arika was next to him with a hot cup of coffee. She nudged Dan over to squeeze in a seat for herself.

“I can hear Hana all the way across from the cafeteria. It’s only 8:40 in the morning. Stop it, Dan,” the Asian woman remarked, pushing back her long brown locks.

“Is it my fault her mother was a siren?” he asked, feigning a wide eyed innocent look.

Setting her drink down, Arika used the same hand to pinch him in his side.

“Oww!” the green-eyed senior yowled.

“Keep talking. Someday you'll say something intelligent,” the brunette said with a calming sip of her java.

Hana beamed happily in her seat. She loved when her friends stuck up for her, and Arika did it so well!

“So, with everyone’s midterms done tomorrow, we should go out,” Hans suggested, switching subjects.

“Yeah!” the sandy haired opposite added enthusiastically, “Out to a strip club to relax.”

“Eugh!” Hana said clearly insulted, “How could you relax at a strip club?”

“Obviously, because you’re full of fluff and unicorns, you’ve never been,” he said pointedly.

“And I never would!”

“How about we go to a bar with pool tables instead? We could relax there,” Arika suggested,
tucking her hair behind her ear. “I know after midterms are over, I’LL need a drink.”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about,” Dan added, slinging his arm around the back of Arika’s seat.

“I was hoping we could have a board game night or a dinner,” Hana said.

“I’m sorry, are you 12 or 22? Which was it again?” her aggressor questioned.

“Quit it,” Arika reminded, elbowing him gently.

Hana suddenly look on this angelic demeanor and tilted her head curiously, “Dan, do you miss it?” she asked simply.

Snorting, he replied, “Miss what?”

“The part of your brain that allows you to feel,” she remarked, before leaning across the table and pinching him hard in the side.

“Owww, wench!” he cried out, nursing his clenched skin.

“Told you,” Arika clipped as Hana sat down smoothly in her seat with a smile.

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