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What We Dream...

...When We're Awake.

What We Dream When We're Awake.
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The written tales of two very disturbed girls, one who wishes she could write and the other who can but never does. :P Most stories focus on a set range of characters in different situations and different story lines.

Character range so far: Matt, Mark, Aarika, Heather, Sam, Dan, Hans, Franz, Mason, Arika, Kiyra, Hana, Aerilyn

Six Degrees
Outgoing popular girl, Arika introduces herself to the new girl, Hana, who turns out to be cousins with Arika's charming crush, Matt, that is being tutored by Mark who is a genius highschool junior that befriends Sam, a freshman intellectual that shares a class or two with blonde sunshine boy, Hans, who is long time friends with Dan, who just happens to be best friends with Arika, whose brother, Aron, went on exchange to Germany, trading places with German local, Franz, whom lives quietly and demurely in the brunette's home. Small world? You bet!

Aerilyn is sixteen, stubborn, and doesn't want to marry. She can't help that, as a princess, she has other things in mind than settling down in some castle in a neighboring faction.

Imaginations still expanding. More to come.